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Tuesday, January 2, 2024


We have some fantastic French copper pieces that we have recently listed including the ones below....

This is very very old from a Chateau in the Loire Valley in central France is is highly unusual as it is all forge made and has a hand hammered design to the base and sides.

This a wonderful warming or chaffing pan with a spirit burner, this would have graced the serving table of some grande home.

we have a few what we call Jam Pans, these large copper pans were common place in every house when we all made our own jams and preserves.

We also have a few sets of pans from the the smaller light weight sauce pans to larger ones for every day use.


Friday, June 4, 2021

20th Century French Vintage Equine Horse Fireplace Fender, Fire Dogs, Andirons - Opposing Rearing Horses - Original Condition - D/FD102

An unusual pair or fireside andirons; a pair of rearing stallions in bronze with the supporting ironwork attached. An andiron or firedog, (fire-dog or fire dog) is a bracket support, normally found in pairs, on which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace, so that air may circulate under the firewood allowing better burning and less smoke. Often andirons are now used as purely decorative items by a fire - and these are very surely decorative. They are in completely original condition as we found them with some patination from the heat of the fire - and it goes without saying that they are very heavy.

Each horse measures over 12" tall, about twelve and a quarter inches or 31cm. The greatest width from hoof to tail is nearly 11" or about 28cm wide. The depth of each horse with the supporting metal brackets attached, is 13.5" or 34cm.

These beautifully designed items would be an equally great addition to any fire or stove setting in a modern or classical home; the stallions have beautifully fluid lines and are not over-stylised

The pair together weigh over 2.6 kilograms without packaging so will be sent by a parcel delivery service. They will be dismantled for shipping to allow for a flatter parcel.


Pair of Antique Black Forest Wooden Hand Carved Epergne Holders / Candle Sticks with Handles - c.1800s - French Antique Furnishing - AQ1/25

An amazing pair of hand carved wooden black forest candlesticks or 'epergne' from the eighteen hundreds or earlier. The pair depict opposing birds; as they are hand carved, they are not exactly the same. Made from a mid-brown close grained wood that is not weighty, they have been stained and also darkened over the years until they are dark brown in colour. The hand carving is detailed and the birds have each been sculpted on a mound from a single piece of wood and the simple round turned base then attached with two large screws. The birds stand in front of a shrub which has been cleverly fashioned to include a handle between the leaves and the trunk, so they can be moved from room to room; the trunk itself forms the recess for a candle. At the time they were carved, the handle would be extremely important, as candles were not simply for decoration and atmosphere as they often are today.

The feathers on the birds are beautifully marked out, carrying on right down the long tail. One bird has a stubby beak - this appears to be intentional and part of the original carving. Each bird stands on a mound in front of the shrub and the carving continues all the way around the figures. Each has a thin crack in the mound at the back which does not go through, nor does it reach to the bottom of the sculpture. There is a tiny short crack on the front of the mound of one and also a thin strip missing from the back of that base. These are probably due to modern central heating drying the wood too quickly so it would be important to ensure some humidity in their new home. As antiques wooden sculptures of over 200 years of age they are in remarkably good condition.

They stand at 8.5" or 22cm high with a round diameter of 5" or 12.5cm. The pair together with no packaging weigh just over half a kilo (501 grammes).

Your purchase will be carefully packed in recycled wrapping where possible and despatched via 'AnPost', the from our home on the wild Atlantic way here in Ireland. 


Friday, May 28, 2021

Boxed Twin Set of Bjorn Wiinblad Playing Cards - With Original Leather Presentation Box - Pre-Owned Vintage VGC - 1970s Originals - TC1/102


Danish artist and designer Bjorn Wiinblad (1918-2006), probably best known for his ceramic work for Rosenthal and Nymolle porcelain company, designed this very rare set of colourful playing cards which were produced by the Austrian firm Piatnik in the late 1970s. The four figures shown on the box (left) are full-length, but the playing cards inside the box, except the three gorgeously coloured and designed Jokers, are double-ended designs. Also, the colour schemes are subtly different for each suit. Both sets are complete.

This special Designer Set of Cards from the 1970s is in Very Good Vintage Condition - the cards show signs of use and the case has the marks of handling, but overall the condition is great for cards that have been played with for over forty years. A great gift for any card collector or a fan of the works of Wiinblad himself. In recognition of his works that were shown in various exhibitions and won many awards, Bjørn Wiinblad was named "Man of The Year " in New York in 1985 and was awarded the American-Scandinavian Foundation Cultural Prize in 1995.

The price including worldwide shipping €150 roughly $180 US

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Ornate Napoleon III - 17" French Wall Crucifix late 1800's to early 1900's - Gothic Rosewood and Ebonised Wood - Filigree Details - R3/60

This is a simply stunning wall crucifix - French, from the late 1800's, it has been crafted from very fine materials - the shaped, French Gothic curved cross that backs the crucifix is in a very smooth, ebonised wood with a beautiful sheen. The crucifix, attached to the ebonised background, is of fine Rosewood, cut in a smooth, nearly 1.5 inch wide, gently domed shape with the four parts of the cross meeting at the central point of the cross. At each point of the cross is a filigree metal decoration and the central point of the cross is also decorated with metalwork, representing the eternal flame. The Body of Christ, the Corpus Christi, is cast in an aged silver metal, extremely well sculpted and finely detailed right down to the cord the ties Christ's loin cloth. The crown of thorns is not a part of the moulding but has been worked entirely separately and stands above the head of Christ. The plaque marked "INRI" is a gentle scroll in a bronzed colour, attached by a single studded nail, as are the hands and feet of Christ. At the back, there is a metal loop attached, for wall hanging.

This is an amazing item, from a Chateau on the confluence of the Vienne and Liore Rivers - the craftsmanship is beautiful and the mix of woods with intricate metalwork is simply superb.
Overall dimensions of the crucifix: 17"(43cm) high by 10" (25.5cm) wide and a depth of 1.5" (3.5cm); the weight unpackaged is 0.45 kg.

Your purchase will be very carefully packed in recycled packaging where possible, and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service. *** THE PRICE INCLUDES TRACKED DELIVERY ***

The price is €185 inc worldwide shipping

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Five Inch Silver Plated Sugar Cube or Pickle Picker in Box - French Antique from 1920s - Sugar Tongs - K3/319

We love to come across these sugar tong pickers quite in France, as although the French still use sugar cubes daily for their coffee, they consider them old fashioned. We think they are superb!  These elegant  French vintage Pickers from the 1920's are fun to use even if you don't take sugar. Push down on the end of the handle and the claws open smoothly to pick up your chosen item...... sugar cube..... Pickles  ..... or something a bit more interesting......in their slightly serrated three-pronged jaws. 

This high quality antique picker, is made in French Engineered Stainless steel with a classy etched zig-zag pattern along the shaft. The prongs are well aligned and the pusher is in good working order. The finger rest is in a daisy shape. The picker is antique and shows signs of use; the plating has some marks that may polish out. The Hallmark and Maker's mark are in the centre of the jaws and can be clearly seen when the picker is open. A very nice antique item that comes in a beautifully decorated box; the box is the original, in heavy card with a white 'linen' finish and golden and green images of Paris - most notably, the Eiffel Tower. The picker is protected by the lid and in addition a folded acetate type of early plastic cover. 

Your purchase will be very carefully packaged with recycled materials where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service; THE PRICE INCLUDES TRACKED SHIPPING.


Price is €60 inc worldwide shipping

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Antique 19th Century French Imperial Style Extendable Fireplace Fender - Rococo Late Baroque Style - Original Condition - D3/FD101

A superb example of a French Antique Fire Fender in completely unrestored, original Gilt Bronze condition. This beautiful item came from a family-owned Chateau in the Loire Valley in France. This fender is a quality item, bearing both a Foundry Mark and a Pattern Number. Extremely versatile in that the width can be extended up to a maximum of 1.25 metres, so is as suitable for a cosy bedroom or nook fireplace as it is for a medium lounge or dining area. Made of solid cast bronze with a gilt finish and inlaid marble, this decorative fire fender is in completely original condition. In the Paris antique quarters we have seen similar, restored - re-gilded - items priced at over 5,000 euros. We prefer the honest, original condition and patina that reassures that this is a fine, pre-loved antique. We are happy to answer any questions or supply further photographs.

Appearing from the two tall thin fluted columns on either side are two curved arms, these would be used to rest your fireside tools against, making this a stylish superbly designed and innovative piece for its time. However for us the best and most unusual features are the two outer feet in the form of Asian inspired open mouthed leaf dragons with scrolling leaves almost like a green man in design.

Designed in a Baroque or late Rococo style, the foundry has a mark similar to a clasp of small leaves gathered together, quite pretty. And can be found on the attached feet to the rear of the main bodies. The gilt has worn over the many years that it has been in the Chateau, leaving a superb patina; underneath the decorative finials the original bright colour of the gold can still be seen. It has backings to both bottom piers of wonderful blocks of white marble to accentuate the golden scrolling acanthus leaf decoration. Easily assembled from an original French antique 'flat pack' design (ahead of their time, those French!), it can be transported quite easily although it is naturally quite weighty.

  • Height: 70 cm  27.5"
  • Width: 125 cm 49.5"
  • Depth: 14 cm 5.5"

A very special French Louis XV style item indeed, with gorgeous details - like the tiny scowling faces at each side. With a height of 27.5" or 70cm, width extending to 49.5" or 125cm and a depth of 5.5" or 14cm., the ensemble weighs just under 12 kilograms or around 26 pounds.

Price is €1850 including worldwide shipping